I'm currently looking rather normal. I'm a bit below average height for a white male (5'7"), and carrying a couple too many Newcastle Brown Ales. I do need to add, though, that as of the time of writing (June 2004), I am 30 pounds lighter than I was 12 months previously

Both of my eyes are blue-grey, and due to being short-sighted I normally wear spectacles or contact lenses, usually the latter. I typically shave my head every couple of weeks. When I do have hair, it is brown, with healthy specks of grey.

When not in work clothes, I tend to dress very casually. Typically it's shorts or jeans (I'm a Levi's guy), and t-shirt. Sometimes I wear a sports shirt such as a soccer or rugby jersey. I like my boots, but sneakers also get a fair amount of wear since it does get hot here.

Also, when not working, I typically wear two earrings; one in each ear. At one point in time I wore three in each, but most of the holes have long since healed up. I also had my nipples pierced on two occassions. Due to complications I had to remove them, but I would really love to give it one more go.

[2004-07-10] The nipples have metal again. Yay for shiny nipples!

If you really want to see what I look like, check out my various pictures pages or my web-cam. If I'm there, you'll get an up to the minute update :-)

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