I was originally hired (in March of 1997) by Harvest Electronics as a software engineer at their New Zealand office in Masterton, and after nine months I was transferred to the US to be the systems engineer for the North America operation. I have been in Atlanta since then.

My job entailed various database, network and communications implementation and adminstration roles, customer liaison, specification writing, system troubleshooting, and providing support for the field engineers. As time went on, the amount of work that required doing was more than one person could keep up with, so people were rotated in from the NZ office to assist me, and then later, as I became more focussed on technical sales, another full-time person was brought on to manage the network.

In March of 2000, Marconi purchased the online vending part of Harvest Electronics, merging it with their telemtry systems business, thereby forming Marconi Online. My systems engineering roles picked up more of a technical sales flavour and dropped most of the systems administration responsibilities after this point.

In 2001 I was offerred a Product Strategy and Solutions Integration role (final title Product Solutions Manager). This was going to be a new challenge for me, stretching out certain skills and requiring me to acquire new ones.

In December of 2002, the US Marconi Online offices were shut down for business, although I was retained to help manage the migration of customers and systems to the new owners. I finally finished at Marconi in April of 2003.

In April 2003 I started a six month contract with VMSL, the company that bought the assets of Marconi Online, my previous employer. I essentially worked as an account manager with some technical responsibilities. It was too much of the account management and too little of the technical side, so it was time to move to other things when the contract came to an end.

After eight months of unemployment, I was finally hired by GEOCOMtms as an implementation consultant for their route optimization and territory planning software suite. After four weeks of in-depth training in Quebec, I spent the next three months or so on-site in Houston with our largest (at the time) customer, as the junior consultant. Currently (since December 2004) I am the lead consultant on a project with another company. So far so good.

My resume is available in Word format.

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