1997 Overview

The story of my US adventures really starts back in June of 1996.

Having finished my Masters degree I started working full time with Anvil Design Group, the company I had been working part time with for the duration of my engineering degrees.

By Christmas of 1996 I was becoming very bored with the work, but it wasn't until January that I started looking for alternative work.

On February xx I had an interview with Steve Dawson of Harvest Electronics, a company that was involved with online vending. I was offered the job there and then, and two days later I rang back and said I would take the position.

In July I went to Sydney, Australia, to meet with the people at Coca-Cola Amatil that were driving the Handheld Terminal project.

In October it was decided that I should be the next person to look after the USA operation.

Eventually, December rolled around, and I was on my way...

States I Visited

  • California (San Diego)
  • Georgia (Atlanta)

Where I've been

Countries I Visited

  • Australia
  • United States