Things I am Interested In

Uh, yep, I like the occasional drink. Maybe even the occasional binge

And as with many of the other things on this page, I have my preferences. While I will name only one alcoholic beverage I completely refuse to drink (dark rum) there are others that I will choose not to drink.

In the big wide world of beer, USA really sucks. For the most part their beers are tasteless, unexciting, and have no body. Even the piss-beers back home have more flavour. But hey, that's what the Americans like so who am I to knock it.

My preference in beer is almost always a rich malty ale. Favourites from home are Speight's Old Dark, Mainland Dark, Black Mac. The Americans were able to provide a good beer in this category - Hellenboch Terminator. But for good dark beers you need to hit Europe and the UK. My favourite in that case is Newcastle Brown Ale. I am partial to the occassional stout, if I can find a pub that can pour one properly.

Another American beer that I do enjoy and will drink if available is Shiner Bok, a German style ale brewed in Texas, This is a damn good beer, and I recommend it to everybody.

In the choice of wine I will generally take a dry variety; a chardonnay if I'm drinking white and a cabernet sauvignon or shiraz if I'm drinking red. Do not even think of showing me a rosŤ; I might say something a little rude.

In the world of the heavier stuff, I drink a lot of vodka (Absolut, Stoli, Belvedere, Chopin, Kettel One, Vox) and a lot of whisk(e)y: usually single malts, the occassional blend, a sour mash from time to time, and the odd bourbon.

Currently, my top shelf includes

Within the world of single malt scotch whiskies, my preference is for the Islay malts, with their warm, peaty flavour. Lagavulin remains my favourite here.

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