Mexicans is a drinking game involving dice.

The first person in the round has up to three rolls of the dice to get as high as they can. Each roll supercedes the previous roll. The following players may take as many rolls as the first person took. The loser is the person who rolled the lowest.

The dice are read as the higher number followed by the smaller number. For example, if I roll a 4 and a 2, this is read as 42. A 3 and a 5 are read as 53.

To make the game a little more interesting, there are special dice rolls.

Doubles (with the exception of 11) are considered safe.

11 is "SnakeEyes" and allows the roller to nominate another player to consume from their beverage. Rolling an 11 does not count towards the limit on number of rolls

Some tables consider 66 as a "Social." This roll counts as safe, but everyone in the game must consume from their beverage immediately.

13 is "Scumbag" and the player that rolls this must make an immediate consumption. Rolling a Scumbag does not count to the limit on rolls.

Finally, there is 21 - the "Mexican". This is the highest roll, and is automatically safe. The effect of rolling a Mexican is to double the amount of consumption required by the loser. This is a geometric rather than an arithmetic increment, so two Mexicans in a round will require the loser to consume four times.

And that's it; very simple really.



Only one die is rolled. The second die is assumed to be a 1. Additionally, each player gets to roll only once (unless they roll SnakeEyes or Scumbag.

Mexicans with 3 Man

One player is the Three Man. This player must consume whenever anybody else consumes. On the Three Man's turn, if he should roll a three, he may nominate a new Three Man.


The loser of a round has the option to create a new rule.

How We Normally Play

The usual partners in crime for Mexicans (Lauren, Brad M, Jesse, John, Clair, and whoever we can rope in) generally play the Extend-a-Mex variation with the additional rule that when a round finishes in a tie, the game goes to a Suicide roll-off between the tied players. Common rules that we see added include:

  • Sticky One: If you roll a 1 on any die, then you can keep that 1 sitting for the rest of your permitted rolls and just roll the other die.
  • Sticky Round: If you roll a 1 on any die, you can declare that the 1 sits for yourself and all players to follow.
  • Stay with 32: If you roll a 32, you must stick with it

  • Stick with 7: If the dice add up to 7 (43, 52, 61) you must stick with it
  • Mexicans Low: 21 becomes the lowest roll

You get the idea...

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