Thoughts On Morals and Ethics

As I have stated elsewhere, I hold no religious beliefs. As such, I hold that there are no higher goods that dictate a 'correct' moral code.

Morals and ethics are human constructs. Religion is useful for giving people a reason to adhere to a certain moral paradigm, but as religions are also human constructs, they hold no greater validity than any other justification of a morality.

In pre-civilised human existance, that was considered 'good' was that which was beneficial to the continued existance of the group. When societies started to form, additional rules of behaviour were required to keep the society together for its mutual benefit. From this, morals, ethics, and ultimately laws were born.

So I've said that morals and ethics are human constructs and there is no absolute good. Does this mean I don't have any morals or ethics?

No, it does not. I have constructed my own moral paradigm, or code of behaviour. This code has just as much validity as any other, if not more, as it is not wrapped up in any mumbo-jumbo or promises of rewards or threats of punishments in an afterlife. It is simply an ideal of behaviour that I choose to subscribe to.

So here it is: People should have fun, do what they like, maximise their pleasure, as long as this doesn't cause any harm to another person. Be friendly to other people. The only restriction is in causing harm to another person or their property.

Essentially, a responsible hedonism.

Local laws may have a limiting factor on the having of fun. This is a bad thing, but having chosen to live in this society, I should abide by this society's laws, even if I disagree with them.

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